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Welcome to CurlyJoCreation, I’m so glad you've found me!


Maybe you're looking for a sculpture of your pet or favourite animal, or maybe you are a keen crafter eager to learn more – either way, I hope you enjoy what I have to share.


I love to bring your furry friends to life with realistic needle-felt sculptures! I offer commission products of your beloved pets worldwide, just get in touch.

Next Commissions Open 1st November 2024

A brief window opens for commissions on 1st November at 8pm (UK time) until all available slots are taken.  Reminders will be posted on Instagram and other SM feeds in the period leading up to November.  Spaces go very quickly so please act fast. 

For commissions I will need details of the sculpture (that is your pet or chosen subject) and where in the world you are located, in order for me to calculate packing and shipping costs.

For pets: I need photographs of differing angles taken at the height of the animal eg. front and side of head; left and right standing side of body to see any markings of fur; paw and tail detail.


Please note: the better your images, the nearer to true likeness I can achieve.

If you choose a particular animal eg. wolf, donkey, species of bird etc., I can use stock images.


The size of each sculpture varies depending on the type or breed and chosen position. A standing pose may be anything between 17cm - 30cm long.  A sitting or lying pose may be 12cm-17cm long.  Please feel free to ask if you would like anything specific.

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