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  • How should I care for my sculpture?
    You can purchase glass or Perspex cases for your sculpture but alternatively they can be displayed as they are Wool sculptures are delicately handmade and not suitable to be used as toys Keep away from children and pets A gentle blow or use of a hairdryer on a slow setting is enough to keep them free from dust Keep away from any sticky surface materials
  • What photos do I need to provide?
    Clear photos of the animals head front on and side profiles Side profile full body and tail, taken at the height of the dog Paw top and pads Preferably taken outdoors to ensure closest colour match
  • How long does a sculpture take to make?
    Each sculpture takes approximately one week to create before shipping
  • What size are the animals?
    That all depends on the type or breed of the animal and what pose you would like. Typically a standing dog is between 7-11” long
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